8 Things to know about our company

importance of financial literacy for mothers


We’re in this to make a difference in your family’s life

Our business is built to serve. We’re passionate and deeply invested in making a difference in your family’s life. By exposing you to what’s possible simply by being open to discover how to take back control over your financial situation instead of continuing to allow others to determine the standard of your family’s living.


Trust is everything

We’re mindful of the words that we speak, so we only say what we mean. We’re committed to keeping it real and honest with our customers, our audience and each other. If our training programs aren’t right for you, we’ll say so. When mistakes happen, we take full responsibility and work to make things right.


We’re here to change the world

Every act of giving counts. We use our content and platform to showcase Mompreneur’s business all over the world in an effort of connecting her with her ideal customer avatar looking for nothing to do so or anything in return. I look forward to hearing your success stories and possibly featuring you and your business in my next “Mompreneur Feature” of my upcoming project. Please feel free to email me and my team anytime at support@expandingwithasha.com


We don’t do mediocre

We give everything 110%. We’re obsessed with exceeding your expectations and going above and beyond for you, ourselves and each other.


We’ve got your back

You have our word that any product or service that we offer to you is only because we truly believe in it. Any affiliated endorsements we may receive from advertising will be clearly disclosed to you, plain and simple.


How what you get stays free

We’re relentless in our commitment to produce the world’s best free educational content for you and your family. It’s sponsor-free and funded solely by us. While we are committed to advertising our free content, we also have to advertise paid programs as well. So, we ask that you not hold a grudge against us for doing so. Marketing our paid programs allows us to continue to feed our families, give back and continue to offer you the vast majority of our creative work, free of charge.


We love our customers

We understand that you’re the reason that we even exist. We’re obsessed with our customers and your happiness and concerns matter to us. We work hard to respond to your emails and work non-stop to make sure that you feel as appreciated as you truly are to our company. We ask that if we fall short of this that you don’t hesitate to advise on how we can improve for you and all future customers.


We're not for everyone

Our competitors offer to do it for you. We only offer products/services that encourage you to take control over your financial situation by discovering how to manage your finances and business yourself, for your family.

Company Mission Statement:

We strive to assist mothers in eliminating the burden that being financially uncertain has caused by assisting them to design a unique and personalized strategy for financial security for her family, no matter its structure.

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