12 Tips to Thinking About and Growing Wealth For Your Family

importance of financial literacy for mothers

All moms have the same desire of providing the best life for their children. While there isn’t one simple secret to success, there is a system that works. By implementing these 12 tips into your family’s routine, I’m confident you can be successful and provide your children with the life you’ve always envisioned for them.

Parenting has its own unique difficulties and your finances shouldn't be an additional issue. However, for many families, having enough money seems to become one of the biggest challenges they face. This issue can be especially difficult if you happen to be a single mother.

Expanding with Asha, LLC focuses on helping you build your financial literacy in an effort to improve your family’s standard of living while also bringing you closer to a debt-free lifestyle. These 12 tips will assist you in getting started on that path.

Tip 1. Build a Growth Mindset

Most of us don’t realize how important self-talk is. That sounds silly, right? Who wants to admit that they talk to themselves? But in actuality, we all do. We all have negative internal monologues which are not only destructive to our mental health but also to our family’s standard of living.

We have been conditioned to think the way we do. For many of us, that allows fear to dictate our decisions that we make throughout our lives. The limitations that have been placed in your mind influence the financial stability of your family even to this day. The majority of us, at some point settle for a mediocre lifestyle instead of pursuing the dreams we once had for ourselves and our children.

It’s not until you become tired of mediocrity that you will decide to pursue everything that you and your family deserve. All it takes for you to start building wealth for your family is to start by building a growth mindset. This begins with becoming more grateful for everything you currently have and everything that you deserve. When you become grateful for that which you already have you begin to attract abundance into your life. You're probably thinking, that simple, huh? But remember, you still have 11 more tips to go.

Tip 2. Invest in Your Self-Development

Your current mindset is the result of years of conditioning, so you have to be mindful that it will take time to change your thoughts and your life. But it is doable. Once you have mastered the ability of being more conscious of your thought patterns and learn to build a growth mindset, you can then focus on the next tip to building wealth. Tip two is investing in your self-development. You may have noticed tip two goes hand and hand with tip one.

In order to reach any goal in life you have to be open to taking a different route. To become the best version of yourself, you want to be open to this concept and willing to do just about anything to reach this version of yourself. One of the most important parts of this process is learning to invest in your self-development. This not only refers to money, it also refers to your most valuable asset —time.

Society has conditioned the majority of us into thinking that it makes more sense to spend your money on materialistic things rather than on self-development. Materialistic things range from the basic essentials to the most extravagant items that can be seen, touched, and shown-off. Investing your money and your time into self-development has more long-term benefits for you and your family’s well-being.

Tip 3. Have Faith in Yourself

Your belief in yourself is where it all begins. When you look in the mirror what do you see? Most of us have become complacent with the saying, “I am my own worst critic." What they see is someone who is not worthy of their own praise, so why should anyone else praise them? I am here to tell you, if you can’t see how beautiful you are, change the angle at which you are viewing your reflection. You’ll see how unique and strong you truly are.

Once you develop self-confidence, you learn to see the value in everything, especially yourself. In order to generate wealth for your family and break your generational curses, you have to have an unshakable faith in yourself—even when no one else sees your vision. It doesn't matter who supports you as long as you learn to have this faith in yourself. Because when others see that you believe in yourself and your ability against all odds, others will begin to believe in you as well.

Tip 4. Use Your Imagination

As a child, you’re encouraged to use your imagination. But as you grow older you are told to stop dreaming and to get serious about life. What does that mean to stop dreaming? To get serious? I want to encourage you to get back into the habit of dreaming, of using your imagination to envision a better life for yourself and your family.

Your imagination is your greatest source of creativity. Imagination is the common secret of all successful people use today. They have all learned the power of using it, which has assisted them in envisioning the lives they have obtained. By imagining the unimaginable, you will begin to draw into your life things you once thought of as unattainable.

Tip 5. Uncover Your Why

Most of us dream of having more—more money, more free time, just more. But why do you seek more? Once you figure out why, you will understand what it will take for you to achieve your greatness. What is something that you find yourself dreaming about nonstop? When you uncover your why, you will be unstoppable and will be able to focus only on that and build from there. Your why will keep you fighting when you want to give up and go back to settling for mediocre because it’s easier.

When I first started on this journey, my dream was only to provide for my children. But along this journey, I discovered my true why. For me that turned out to be assisting as many mothers as possible to improve their standard of living for their family. This journey has shown me that we all start out focusing on ourselves and our own families.

But this wasn’t enough to make me keep pushing on this journey. It wasn’t until I uncovered my why that I was able to get serious about achieving my dreams. My dream is to instill in my children the importance of managing their money. That way, when I am no longer a phone call away they will be okay. They will not have to struggle as my mother did, as her mother, and so on and so on.

If your why doesn’t bring tears to your eyes just thinking about it then dig a little deeper. Figure out what moves you, what gets you fired up, what scares you, inspires you. Maybe even pains you. Whatever that is, let it become your driving motivation. Understanding your dreams is a crucial point in helping you prioritize everything in your life. Spend your energy only on that which actually matters to you and brings you closer to achieving your goals.

Tip 6. Make a Plan

Most people would agree that planning is difficult for us all, except for a select few who are already aware of what it takes to achieve greatness. Many people can’t see past the difficulty of the task at hand, so they make excuses and procrastinate.

When you look at a dream, you start out only being able to see the end goal and you work to accomplish that. But small steps are steps too. By dividing that big dream into smaller, attainable goals, the tasks required to get the end results will become less overwhelming.

Be sure to congratulate yourself on every milestone no matter how small it may seem. It will fuel you with even more motivation and determination to succeed.

Tip 7. Develop Your Expertise

When you’re born you have no skills to do anything for yourself. But look at you now. You can walk, talk, and do anything else you take the time to learn. You should never stop learning since that’s how you were able to get to where you are currently.

Sadly, our school system is focused less on learning and more on molding you into becoming a good employee. An employee works to assist their employer in living their dream while you—the employee—seem to be living a nightmare. It’s time to change the way you look at life and your opportunities. Or else you will continue to settle for assisting someone else in living their dreams, but not your own.

What are your current strengths? What if you were able to become an expert in one narrow niche in that field? By improving and positioning yourself as a professional in that field you could secure a stable flow of income by teaching others. Become a professional by reading books, taking courses, and applying gained knowledge with practice. Remain open to learning from everyone and remember to never get too cocky. Allow others to be an inspiration for you in becoming your greatest self.

Tip 8. Take Action

The majority of people sit back and allow others to dictate their lives. This is never the answer to living a better life for you and your family. What actions are you willing to take to get out of poverty? To get out of an abusive relationship? To get out of whatever your current situation may be?

Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. So what action are you willing to take to gain control over your own life? It won’t be until you are truly tired of whatever it is that you are going through that you’ll discover the drive to change your circumstances. No one can do this for you. If you are not satisfied with your current situation, what are you willing to do to live the life you desire for yourself and your family?

Tip 9. Be Persistent

Persistence is the key factor to success. The consequences of the financial crisis of 2020 have been disastrous for many people. The strong will recover and return to their path of financial prosperity because they developed a plan and a mindset that not even a financial crisis that affected the world is able to stop.

You must be so committed to your goals that nothing can shake your persistence, no matter what.

Tip 10. Collaborate with Others

Another part of the system to obtaining success is being committed to serving others. Only when you commit to assisting others in achieving their success will you become successful. You want to align yourself with like-minded individuals who share your values and goals and figure out what you can do to assist them in achieving theirs.

I am not saying help others only for your own gain. I’m saying truly commit to what you can do to be of service to others and their dreams. In aligning yourself with like-minded people, you will not only assist them in achieving their success, but they will keep you motivated in achieving your own.

Please do not think that this means you have to go out and help everyone. You want to be clear on your values and goals. If assisting someone doesn’t align with your mindset then learn to say “No” and move on to someone who does. Saying no to someone doesn’t make you a jerk. You don’t have to be rude when you say no, but set and honor your own boundaries. I highly suggest that you learn how to say no as politely as possible and as often as required.

Tip 11. Take Risks

No successful person succeeds without taking a risk. Successful people are human just like the rest of us and they may have had second thoughts, doubts, or fears—even if only for a split second. But they learned a long time ago that being afraid to take the risk and catch an opportunity could cause them to miss out on the chance for a better life.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Learn to be open to the possibilities of something going right instead of focusing on what could go wrong. By focusing only on the negative, we inadvertently create more negative energy. What most of us don’t realize is that we draw into our lives that which we focus our attention on the most. The Universe can’t distinguish a wish from a fear. Instead of focusing your attention on what might go wrong, focus your attention and energy on what your success will look like when you do achieve it.

You’ll be amazed at just how much a positive mindset can really change your whole perspective.

Tip 12. Seek Failure

Thomas Edison was committed to producing the light bulb. He didn’t do this overnight. For years he worked to develop a practical and inexpensive light bulb that not only worked but was marketable. He tested over 3,000 lightbulb designs with his team of researchers over the span of two years. He didn’t see those 3,000 designs as failures, he saw them as steps on his path to success.

Failure may be painful. Nevertheless, no one is successful the first time they attempt the unknown. The only difference between you and someone you look up to for their success is that they seek failure. They seek the lessons they can learn from each failure that befalls them. So don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid of not making the effort to start. You have to seek FAILURE. In the words of the highly successful singer and songwriter Tyrese, “You will GROW through what you are willing to GO through!”


Now that you have discovered the 12 tips to thinking about and growing wealth for your family, what are your plans? You don’t have to tell me, or anyone else for that matter. Just take the actions required to increase your financial literacy and change your family’s standard of living. Only you can do that. If you take no action, you can expect your life to remain the same. By applying the knowledge you’ve learned of how to improve your life by thinking and growing wealth for your family, you can create the life you’ve always dreamed of having.

My goal is to spend as much time offline as humanly possible. I have two little guys that demand my attention outside of work and am aware that you have little ones that are just as demanding as mine are. If we're not connected on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter, be sure to find me there. I'm always down to connect and answer any questions, feel free to reach out to me and my team at support@expandingwithasha.com!


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