Top Three Reasons For A Mom To Choose Her Food More Wisely

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Prioritizing your health is important. No one knows when their time will come. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't strive to take care of the very vessel we live in. One of the best investments a mom can make, not only for herself, but her family as well, is choosing organic products rich in nutrients.

Top Three Reasons For A Mom To Choose Her Foods More Wisely

In a perfect world, we wouldn't have to worry about the foods that we purchase. We would know that every product presented on the market was safe to consume. Unfortunately, that is not the case in the world we live in, as the big food corporations prey on certain families. Therefore, we have to mindfully choose the products that we are consuming and feeding to our families.

We have all been conditioned to believe that drinking cow’s milk is okay. But my question to you is why have we accepted this? Think of it this way: what if you were to feed the cow’s calf your breast milk? Doesn’t that just sound completely wrong? Or what if someone tricked you into drinking dog milk instead of cow milk? Would this make you mad? But why? After all, it’s the same concept. Certain animals’ bodies lactate to feed their young, the same as our bodies, but we are taking their milk to feed our young.

I hate to start this article with such a shocking example, but that is what this article is intended to do. My goal is to shock you -and help you form new beliefs for you and your family. There are a lot of misconceptions about what is considered good food for us to consume. I want to break down the top three reasons why I feel that buying organic foods is beneficial for your family.

The Differences Between Ultra-Processed Food and Organic Food

I'm sure by now you've heard that buying organic is better. However, before you start following a trend and buying products because the label says organic, let me explain. There are differences between the ultra-processed foods that most families consume and organic foods.

Over 700,000 processed products are on the market nowadays, making up approximately 70% of the average diet. Of that, nearly 60% of is ultra-processed. These foods have been passed off as harmless and can be found in the kitchen of every mommy. Products like cereal, salami, sausage, and canned beans have been deemed safe. And because they are convenient and save time, you purchase these items without giving it much thought. However, these processed and ultra-processed foods are filled with GMOs and chemicals.

Many people have already heard of GMOs, but do not really understand the meaning. Let me explain. GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering. Now, ask yourself how something that is made artificially can be considered a living organism?

Organic foods are naturally grown and contain no soy, zero chemicals, bioengineering, or pesticides. Such products are better for you and your body. There are still some things that you should watch out for though. Just because a label says organic doesn't mean that you should automatically qualify it as being better for your health. When I first began transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, I originally believed that anything that said “Organic” was better.

I have since learned that a lot of our foods contain soy, even organic products. While some organic products use soy as a meat substitute, studies indicate that soy is not good for human consumption. Soy is difficult for the body to break down. You want to get an understanding of what products are okay for you to consume, so that when you are shopping—even in the organic aisle—you can determine what's healthy for you and your family.

Main Reasons to Invest in Organic Food

When you become a mom, you give your undivided attention and love to your children. Sometimes even neglecting your own well-being. However, your health is incredibly important. In order to be around to guide your children for as long as possible you have to take care of your body by feeding it foods that fuel it.

A lot of us have been conditioned to believe that it's more important to invest our money in clothes, iPhones, or other forms of entertainment because they are more materialistic, shiny, and may last longer. By chasing these attributes of a “successful life,” many mothers don’t see the value in investing in organic food.

It certainly doesn't appear to last as long. Yes, organic products are more expensive. And it may take some time before you get a full understanding of what brands and products are truly credible. But this is something mothers want to consider investing in from a long term perspective. I’m all about helping you save money. But when it comes to the foods that you feed your family I’m more focused on saving your health than your bank account.

Organic Farming Is Better For the Environment

Not only are organic fruits and vegetables better for you and the environment, but the treatment of the animals involved in creating organic products is much better as well. Organic farms should comply with certain quality guidelines in order to be eligible for such certification. In this way organic farming does not leave such a negative environmental footprint.

You Avoid Side Effects of Ultra-Processed Food

Despite being full of calories, ultra-processed products contain no nutritional value. On average they have eight times more sugar than processed foods, which is what causes most of us to overeat. Because ultra-processed foods make up the majority of Americans’ diets today, we see an increase in the number of cases of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and obesity. These are just some of the negative effects that ultra-processed foods have on you and your children.

Have you ever heard the saying you are what you eat? Well, it's true. Which is why it's so important for a mother to wisely choose the foods that she is feeding her body and serving her family.

When you eat meat products that have been given growth hormones or antibiotics, you are basically feeding yourself those same hormones and antibiotics. Every mom should know that antibiotics kill the healthy microflora in the digestive tract for up to two years. So just imagine what a negative effect the consumption of non-organic meat or it's by product is currently having on your body or your child’s body.

By Teaching Your Kids Early You Set a Good Foundation For Their Families

Healthy eating habits are among the most useful lessons that a mother can nurture in her kids. Teach your children to eat organic. Get them involved in the shopping and cooking process. You are the main authority for your kids. Their health and the health of their future families is in your hands. Your kids will thank you for teaching them to prioritize their well-being and investing in it.

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