What’s Your Life’s Divine Purpose?


All of us, at some point in our lives, have asked ourselves, “What are we here for?”, “What should we do with our lives?”, “Do our lives really have a purpose?” Well, the answer is yes, our lives do have a purpose. Every person comes into this world with a unique divine purpose. A life purpose can be defined as an essential motivating force that gives us a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. It helps us to survive and live a life of contentment and inner peace.

In 2017, I was right where most people are, unaware that my life had any real purpose. I had gotten to a point where I was so tired of trying that I started just settling for mediocre. I was ready to settle for a life with a man who was controlling, jealous, paranoid, and worst of all abusive. While he never abused my children, he was violent with me on more than one occasion. Despite that, I stayed with him. Despite that, I was still ready to settle.

It wasn’t until I found myself in the middle of the street, begging for help from anyone willing to help me—I had been beaten, was half-naked, my hair cut completely from my head with a pair of scissors while having a kitchen knife held to my neck—that I realized that if I didn’t get out, I might not make it out alive. I barely escaped his attack, brought on by a fit of jealousy, and it was that near-death experience that changed everything for me. I realized that if something happened to me, my children would be motherless.

Who would raise my children if not me? What would their lives be like without me? Thinking these thoughts was terrifying. More terrifying was imagining choosing to stay in that abusive relationship and settling for that as my life, for the rest of my life, no matter how long or short that may have been.

When we go through tough times, we question, “Why me?” I asked myself this same thing after my experience with my ex. Listening to Les Brown, an American motivational speaker, his response to this very question was, “If not you, then who would you suggest?” Hearing things like this made me look at my situation totally different.

I now realize that going through that experience is what helped me discover that I went through that because so many other mothers are going through something similar to what I had and are just accepting that for her life and her children’s lives because she may feel the same way I did. That I had to accept this as my life because of where I stood financially.

I felt that I needed someone to save us from a life of lack whether that be a man or the government. Enduring what I have helped me in realizing that my life’s divine purpose is to speak out for her to let her know that while she may suffering in silence she is not alone and there is hope for her. My goal is to inspire her to figure out how she can take back control of her life before she doesn’t make it out, not only for her sake but for her children’s sake as well.

The great philanthropist and businessman W. Clement Stone said that the definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. However, the real quest is to identify your purpose and pursue it with passion and enthusiasm. Once you identify with the divine purpose of your life you will experience a drastic shift in the ways you approach your life.

Why You? (Realizing Your Purpose)

I was listening to a conference where Melanie “Mel” Robbins, tv host, author, and motivational speaker, was speaking, and she mentioned that, “scientists have crunched the numbers and the chances of you being born to the parents that you were, at the exact time that you were is one out of over 400 trillion.”

How awesome is that?

Now consider this same concept concerning the birth of your child(ren).

Do you feel that either of you were born to only work a job, pay bills, raise a family and die?

I don’t think that’s the only reason we’re here. I think we were each put on this earth with a divine purpose and inner gifts given to us to accomplish that purpose. Unfortunately, many people go through life not figuring out what theirs is due to the lack of motivation to discover their life’s purpose. They end up going through life wandering aimlessly day in and day, out allowing others to dictate their life from the moment they wake up in the morning and eventually leave here without a trace that they were ever here other than the bills/debt that they leave behind.

The goal should be to die with memories not with dreams. Dr. Howard Thurman, author, civil rights leader, educator, philosopher, and mentor to Martin Luther King Jr, made an analogy about this. He said, “Imagine laying on your deathbed surrounded by your dreams, gifts, and talents you never acted on screaming, we came to you.” What dreams would die with you?

From the moment that we are born, we start losing time and we are all headed to the same destination which has been predetermined for each of us. Now, although we are all aware of this we make excuses for why we can’t improve our circumstances. We end up going through life settling for mediocre and can only see the things—or as we like to refer to them as the problems—that we face and feel are holding us back from living the life we say that we deserve to be living instead of the one that we end up living.

What if you were to alter the way you saw opposition? What if you were to view what you feel is holding you back as your teacher to assist the next person through the same opposition when they are faced with it? Simply changing the way you see things in your life can change you and your family’s lives forever. It is never too late to choose a new beginning.

If today were your last day on earth, what would you be leaving behind? What would your legacy say about you? Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?”

Honing In On Your Special Gift(s)

After you have discovered what your divine purpose of existence is you have to be willing to commit to giving up the person that you are now and commit to achieving your greatness. So, are you ready? Because honestly there is no excuse for you to not to be living up to your fullest potential, especially after your purpose for being here has been clearly defined to you.

The number one thing that holds most people back is the fact that they are not willing to move from where they are because they are comfortable. They feel that being comfortable is better than taking risks for the unknowns and so they never leap. Just imagine if Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, or Steve Jobs had been too afraid to take that leap, how different life would be for many of us.

No one wants to be uncomfortable but being uncomfortable is necessary especially once you realize your divine purpose for your existence. Each of us were born with a set of special gift(s), you will have to hone in on your special gift(s) that you have been blessed with. If you aren’t familiar with your special gift(s) just ask yourself, “When do I feel fulfilled?” For many people, this question leads you to think about the various activities you engage in, which can seem somewhat overwhelming in making it difficult to decide on that one thing that gives your soul a sense of fulfillment.

If you are still having issues realizing what your special gift(s) are, just take notice of the things that you get applauded for, whether that be your writing skills, social skills, the way you help others solve their problems, your art skills, and so on. Then decide out of what others recognize as your special gift(s) which of these leaves you with a sense of fulfillment upon completion. You may enjoy doing many of these things, but that joy usually vanishes once the activity is finish. I am asking you to dig a little deeper and find what gives your soul true fulfillment to ensure that the feeling lasts longer.

Remember earlier I mentioned that you have to see the problems of your life as lessons given to you to teach someone. Using your special gift(s) is how you will reach this person and that’s why it’s so crucial that you figure out how to hone in on them, being as authentic as you know how to be so that it will be easier for the person that it’s intended to reach to be able to resonate with.

You want to focus on figuring out the best way to deliver your message to this person. Do they prefer to be able to read the information to take in the message? Do they prefer to hear the message spoken to them? Or do they prefer to see a visual of the message? By committing to figuring this out you will be able to not only make an impact on their lives but could possibly have an impact on the world.

What the people I mentioned above all have in common is that they were all willing to let a version of themselves die for what they believed in, are you? If you are willing to focus and develop your gift(s) there are no limits to where they can take you.

Aligning With The Souls That Will Assist You In Fulfilling Your Purpose

We’ve all heard the saying there is no “I” in “Team,” which is absolutely correct. Nothing great has ever been accomplished by one person. In order for you to reach your full potential, you will require assistance along your journey. Just as you were required to get clarity on your life’s divine purpose and your gifts, you are required to have clarity in the individuals that you align yourself with to assist you on your journey, so that you can remain firm on your purpose.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is famous for saying that he believes the concept of a self-made man is a myth. While speaking at the University of Houston, he stated that, “I wouldn’t be here without my parents, mentors, or teachers.”

This is so true on so many levels since finding a network of people to assist in providing guidance and support is ultimately how one is able to achieve their purpose. You will require a mixture of people to provide this support including professionals because your family and friends will only be able to assist you to get so far, especially if they aren’t in alignment with where you are headed in your life after discovering your life’s meaning.

You will have to be open to seeking insight from others who have a similar life purpose. Many successful people have acknowledged having mentors that were not of the same century as them, which means that not everyone that was destined to guide you will be guiding you in physical form. Reading connects us with various people across time and space, in this case with the people who share our calling.

In today’s world of technology, you can just browse on your personal gadgets and find the ones who have a similar life purpose. Listen to how they embarked on this journey, how they pursued their passion, what pitfalls they faced and what motivated them to keep going despite all that, the life lessons they learned on this path to self-discovery, and how they ultimately achieved their purpose and it transformed their lives.

Such engagement with the lives of people who share your calling will allow you to set a road map for your journey and those meant to use your journey to guide them on their journey. Once you garner enough courage to finally do something about your life by finding your divine purpose of existence, you will want to move towards fulfilling that. Barriers will always present themselves, but once you are clear on your direction, they will not be able to stop your pursuit of living a fulfilled life.

My goal is to spend as much time offline as humanly possible. I have two little guys that demand my attention outside of work and am aware that you have little ones that are just as demanding as mine are. If we're not connected on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter, be sure to find me there. I'm always down to connect and answer any questions, feel free to reach out to me and my team at support@expandingwithasha.com!


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