Born-and-raised down South, a country girl with nothing more than a heartfelt passion to inspire 100 Mothers to understand the importance of expanding their standards of living for their family. After a near-death experience, I was forced to relocate and rebuild my family's foundation. It was during that time that I was aligned with a mentor that helped me understand the importance of valuing one's time and the importance of setting higher standards for my family than what I had been conditioned to believing. I also discovered along the way that I am passionate about a multitude of seemingly unconnected things: eating healthier, health, fitness, entrepreneurship, and spirituality, just to name a few. Time is our most valuable asset and a lot of us waste the majority of it making excuses for why we can’t improve our circumstances. We end up going through life settling for average. That’s exactly where I was in 2018, ready to settle for a life with a man based on a trail of broken promises. Even after the lies, the cheating, and the physical and emotional abuse I was ready to settle. It wasn’t until after about the 5th or 6th time that I realized if I didn’t get out now I probably wouldn’t get out alive. Then who would raise my children? How would their lives be without me? Scary. Now just imagine experiencing it, or even worse, accepting it as your life. What if something were to happen to you today how would your child(ren) lives be without you? Who would raise them? Would they instill in them the importance of understanding how to manage their money, so that their finances aren't handling them? After about the 6th time, I made the conscious decision to take charge of my life knowing that my sons and I deserved more. Through online training programs, I've been able to teach myself how to take back control of my life starting with my finances teaching my children along the way. I help women just like you with child(ren) who refuses to let her situation or society dictate her future by dreaming big and backing it up with meaningful action to create a different outcome for the generations to follow her. I’m not only committed to improving my family’s standards of living but yours as well. I refer to myself and others like us "Money Making Mommies" because we are the matriarchy of the family no matter it's structure and have to be more creative than any other generation before us when it comes to providing especially with the unknowns and shifts that we experience in our economy.

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